Ramadan Emergency – Sinar Harapan Ramadan Palestin 1.0

Past Project
West Bank, Palestine
Date 21 May 2020
Outreach 760 families

Food parcels

8 days
Fund Raised

As an emergency response to Turkish NGO, UFUK Insani Yardim’s call to help Palestinian communities stuck in conflict, KHOM agreed to collaborate with UFUK as an act to quickly deliver food parcels to Palestinian families and orphans deeply affected by resettlement issues and the COVID19 movement control orders.

What was not planned at all, became an unexpected mission with quick response coming from the team reaching out to the Malaysian public.

The first donation came on the 13th of May 2020 and this preceded with the KHOM team making an effort to push for more donations which overwhelmingly poured in.

In 8 days, funds were enough to deliver 760 food parcels to needy Palestinians in the areas of Al-Aghwa, West Bank.

The first delivery scheduled to be on 20 May 2020 was postponed to 21 May 2020 due to extreme weather conditions.

Due to the delay, KHOM decided to add 150 more food parcels with the hope that there would be more Malaysians who wished to donate during the final days of Ramadhan. Syukur, many rushed to assist and we were able to reach out to more Palestinians than our expected target. From a target of 500 families, with the help of generous Malaysians, KHOM with the help of UFUK Insani volunteers delivered food to 760 families instead.

KHOM, our associates and volunteers in Turkey in charge of the delivery, and all Palestine beneficiaries wish to thank all Malaysians for their generosity and kindness. 760 familes living in the West Bank were able to have food on their tables as a result of Malaysians heartwarming and generous donations.

Our campaign partnership
UFUK for Relief and Development

UFUK for Relief and Development, is a Turkish Association working in the field of humanitarian services; emergency relief and permanent improvement in developing societies.