KHOM Emergency Winter Crisis Mission 2018 (International 2018 Winter Mission)

Past Project
Mafraq, Jordan
Date 4 January 2018
Outreach 827 refugees

Food packs

48 hours
Fund Raised
RM26,370 (100% fund contribution)

In December of 2018, a visit to Jordan which was intended to discuss early preparations for an Eid Mission for Syrian refugees in June, turned into two emergency missions instead.

Holding unofficial talks with the Jordan Minister of Development, Fare’a F. Al-Mesaeed known as Abu Hind, the KHOM Mission Director and her team were shocked to see the living conditions and health situation of Syrian camp refugees residing at the borders of Jordan-Syria.

Abu Hind explained that there was an estimate of 100 refugee camps scattered around the areas of Mafraq, close to the Jordan-Syria borders. With each camp accommodating at least 35 families, it was impossible to assist all. Abu Hind welcomed any form of help coming from world organisations.
These refugees were not receiving:

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Medical attention
  • Financial Assistance from world bodies
  • Education for children


Camp refugees totally depended on world assistance and donations coming from organisations. However, no help was coming in.

In an effort to send emergency food assistance, the Mission Director, Nik Marina made a desperate humanitarian appeal reaching out to Malaysians to donate to KHOM for the team to deliver emergency aid in less than 48 hours.

Malaysians heard the cry for help and responded by donating to KHOM, enabling the team to run an immediate emergency food delivery mission. Due to overwhelming response and support by Malaysians, what started out as an appeal for 35 families turned out to be help extended to 827 refugees who were living in 5 scattered refugee camps.