Karisma Outreach Mission Subsequent Mission – Restoring Hope Flood Relief

Past Project
Worst hit areas of Kuala Krai
Date 31 March 2015
Outreach 70 families
  • Food packs and provisions
  • Electrical standing fan
  • Electrical iron
  • Three-drawer wardrobe chest
  • Hygiene kits
Fund Raised

Although there was improvement in most areas, majority of the flood victims were struggling to move on with life. KHOM volunteers witnessed the discomforts and the challenges of post-flood situations. Although aid continued coming in, they had lessened drastically as the society assumed that all was already well.

Among the problems that we discovered during our recce visit were:

  • 40 families were sharing one iron
  • Each family was only given one small fan
  • The tents were in the open area with no surrounding trees for shade
  • All the victims who had lost their homes and were living in tents were seeking shade outside the tents as it was too hot inside.
  • The tents lacked proper ventilation