Emergency Relief | KHOM

Emergency Relief

KHOM deploys our team of volunteers to assist victims struck by an emergency by delivering the most needed essentials to affected areas.

KHOM responds to two main types of emergency:

Rapid-onset: fast hitting natural disasters, which usually involves flood disasters due to the monsoon season in areas of the East Coast of Malaysia

Slow-onset: disasters which include suffering caused by poverty, conflict and war

Why is it important?

During disasters, without any clear warning, victims would have lost everything they owned including their homes, belongings and may have even lost family members, relatives, or friends. Most would be in shock and have nowhere to turn to. Confused, lost and helpless, it is important that aid arrives quickly to affected areas to combat starvation, suffering and rising crisis.

Providing emergency relief such as below would ensure more lives would be saved than lost.

  • Food
  • Temporary shelter
  • Clothing suit to weather conditions
  • Hygiene kits and other essentials

Where do your donations go?


StatusPast Project
LocationHospital Raja Perempuan Zainab 1, Kelantan
Date8 September 2021
Fund raisedRM12,000.00
Project Details

Gaza Needs You

StatusPast Project
LocationGaza Strip
Date24 April 2021
Fund raisedRM147,393.45
Project Details

Labayk Al-Aqsa

StatusPast Project
Date8 May 2021
Fund raisedRM128 913.50
Project Details


StatusPast Project
LocationHospital Raja Perempuan Zainab 2 (HRPZ2)
Date22 January 2021
Fund raisedRM35,000.00
Project Details

Rayuan Kecemasan COVID-19 Frontliners (PPE)

StatusPast Project
LocationKota Bharu, Kelantan
Date16 March 2020
Fund raisedRM23,215
Project Details

Ramadan Emergency - Sinar Harapan Ramadan Palestin 1.0

StatusPast Project
LocationWest Bank, Palestine
Date21 May 2020
Fund raisedRM190,000
Project Details

Your donation will help us save more lives

During a crisis or major disaster, the quicker the aid arrives on the hit area, the more lives could be saved. Your monthly contributions will help our team responding on the ground to the next natural disaster or humanitarian crisis.