Vision & Mission

For dignity, honour, respect, pride, hope.
For Humanity. 

KHOM believes that every person in need deserves a world of hope and the right to opportunities in survival, education, protection & development.

Our mission is to inspire hope and alleviate the sufferings of victims struck by war, poverty, hunger and catastrophes.
KHOM runs humanitarian relief efforts and also focuses on sustainable projects to assist vulnerable communities.

Our approaches are as below:



Initiating and organising fundraising efforts including subscriptions, donations and other financial contributions involving the public, corporations, companies and organizations in order to provide humanitarian assistance.


To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants and any related form of assistance and to utilize them in achieving the aims and objectives of delivering effective relief assistance to the right community in need


Giving back the childhood of children who have lost a special part of their lives by providing emotional, spiritual and mental support through joyous activities besides empowering them through educational projects


Creating public awareness through talks and seminars using platforms like the mass media (local tv and radio stations), newspapers, portals, social media, newsletters and flyers as well as holding forums and accepting public invitations to spread awareness.


Fostering networking relationships with other non-government organisations focused on humanitarian works in order to assist and alleviate the sufferings of as many lives as possible.