Our Work

KHOM runs humanitarian relief efforts and also focuses on sustainable projects to assist vulnerable communities.

With your support, KHOM aims to put an end to generational poverty, hunger & sufferings from war & catastrophes.

KHOM contributors invest in the lives of the needy, helping them get the education, life skills and confidence they need to break free from their sufferings. The force of their combined efforts starts a powerful multiplier effect that empowers themselves to change their own lives and futures, transforming their families and communities too.

Emergency Relief

KHOM deploys our team of volunteers to assist victims struck by an emergency by delivering the most needed essentials to affected areas.

KHOM responds to two main types of emergency:

Rapid-onset: fast hitting natural disasters, which usually involves flood disasters due to the monsoon season in areas of the East Coast of Malaysia

Slow-onset disasters, which include suffering caused by poverty, conflict and war

Basic Needs

From water, food, shelter and education, to livelihood support and sustainable solutions, we support people who are in desperate need of help.

Activities we count on:

  • vital shelter
  • essential food packs
  • clean drinking water


We give support through life-changing initiatives that help them see beyond their circumstances and encourage them to make an impact that lasts.

Activities we count on:

  • education
  • occupational skills
  • emotional & spiritual support

Where we help?

To date, we are changing lives in 4 countries around the world for over 202,636 souls. What makes the most impact in everything we do? You and the support you give to make the world a better place.