Standing with Palestine – Winter Supplies (Winter Clothes, Heaters, Blankets)

Ongoing Project
Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, West Bank
Yearly (September till December)

According to reports by Save The Children, four out of five children in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, say they feel abandoned by the world.

Palestinian families have no way to protect themselves after their homes were demolished. Living in tents, zink houses and even in caves, unemployed parents are unable to feed their children or keep their families warm every winter season. Families are freezing as they have no food, winter protection or shelter.


To provide winter clothes, warm blankets, heaters, firewood.

We deliver thick blankets to keep families warm and provide those in need with hygiene kits and basic medical supplies

Help our Palestinian brothers and sister stay safe every winter season!

This campaign is still running. To donate, visit our donation page for Rayuan Kecemasan Musim Sejuk Palestin