National Emergency Flood Relief

Past Project
Pahang and Selangor
Date 21 December 2021

1484 Affected Flood Victims of Pahang and Selangor


The emergency assistance was led by KHOM Advisor Captain Ariffin Abd Rani (Retired), an ex-Commando who is currently the President of KVKM Kelantan. He quickly deployed the KHOM team of volunteers and ex-servicemen from KVKM, Kelantan branch. The deployment involved the cooperation of 4 volunteer units from different organisations and societies.


  • Areas of Pahang and Selangor were struck by sudden and devastating floods causing victims to have to leave their homes and belongings immediately. During the time the KHOM team was deployed, most PPS were overcrowded with flood victims as the flood waters had not receded in most affected areas
  • As the number of flood victims was beyond the usual essential needs and supplies were insufficient
  • There was an insufficient water supply for hygiene purposes, thus no source of drinking water
  • Evacuees were depending on mineral water only and this was urgently in need
  • Sanitary supplies for women and diapers for children were also among the supplies urgently needed
  • There was insufficient bedding equipment for families staying at the Evacuation Relief Centres



  • The KHOM team decided to enter the areas where the flood water had receded. It was discovered that most families had faced total loss, water and electricity were still unavailable making it difficult for them to survive or start the cleaning process
  • Most families were hoping for aid in form of cleaning tools and clean-up volunteers



  • KHOM Advisor Captain Ariffin contacted our representatives in the 2 states to handle coordination matters regarding the types of immediate assistance needed
  • Representatives from each state collected data and information from the PIC of Evacuation Centres to ascertain• Exact items needed so that aid delivered is according to needs
    • waste or oversupply of items is avoided
    • proper coordination and communication among other NGOs in the same targeted areas of assistance



  • Families heavily affected by the disaster had lost all their belongings. Many consider it a ‘total loss’
  • Food was unavailable as everything had either been destroyed or swept away by the flood. Receiving the supplies relieved thousands of tired, hungry, and traumatized families. Everyone who received the emergency aid was extremely grateful, happy, and relieved with the food assistance and basic supplies provided
  • They had been desperately ‘waiting’ for help to arrive
6 Days (21 December-26 December 2021)
Fund Raised
RM15, 000. 00