Hope for Syria: Winter Aid

Ongoing Project
Amman, Mafraq, Irbid, Qumaym (Jordan)
September till January (annually)

Being a refugee means never-ending suffering. Winter is the season of suffering especially for camp refugees who have no means of warmth. Although some refugees do receive aid in form of blankets and a gas heater, the majority can’t afford to buy gas cylinders for their heaters. Without complete sets of winter supplies, the assistance provided would be in vain.

To ensure refugee families are kept warm and safe during the harsh winter season, KHOM provides complete winter aid in form of:

• Gas Heaters
• Cylinder Gas
• Complete set of winter clothes
• Bedding
• Thick Blankets
• Food packs
• Basic medical and hygiene kit

We deliver complete sets of winter aid to keep families warm and provide those in need with hygiene kits and basic medical supplies.

You can help save lives by giving warmth and safety every winter season!

This campaign is still running. To donate, visit our donation page for Rayuan Musim Sejuk Syria