Where We Work

Within 5 years, we have worked in 4 countries covering areas of near conflict zones to send much needed humanitarian assistance to victims of war, hunger, and disaster.

We choose to work in to hard-to reach areas trying to ensure humanitarian aid gets to those who have not received assistance. We choose locations where we know we can deliver the greatest impact with the most effective resources.


In spite of its rich heritage and history of contributions to the wider world, Palestine is now most likely to be associated with ongoing conflict. The country is split between its West Bank and the Gaza area, which with two million people crammed into 365km2 is one of the most

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From its ancient monuments to its modern resorts, Jordan draws people from across the world and has managed to weather much of the conflict the Middle East has witnessed recently. However, turmoil in neighbouring countries including Syria and Iraq has led to a huge influx of refugees seeking safety and

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